By Emily Rome
October 15, 2012 at 07:30 PM EDT
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How I Met Your Mother is getting closer to the moment when Ted will meet his wife-to-be and fans will finally see the face of the woman who’s been skirting the camera for several seasons. While series creators Craig Thomas and Carter Bays know the details of the fateful meeting, the show’s stars are very much in the dark about what’s “a little further down the road.”

But that doesn’t mean the actors don’t have their opinions about casting.

“I don’t think it should be any sort of stunt casting,” Josh Radnor told EW while we were on set last week. “I think it would be more interesting to have this fresh, exciting face that Ted has never seen before and neither have people who watch the show.”

Radnor said he’s not privy to how the moment the show’s been leading up to for over seven years will unfold, but he likes it that way.

“It’s kind of better for me not to know. It serves me to be a little more naïve and just play that truthfully,” he said.

As far as the show’s future beyond this season, there’s still no update on the negotiations that would extend the series for one more season. “It just feels like a big question mark,” Alyson Hannigan told EW. But the showrunners continue to treat season 8 as if it’s the last one, so perhaps casting the mother might become an issue sooner than we think.

More immediately, on tonight’s episode, Marshall and Lily putting the rest of the gang to the test to determine who would be the best godparent. And two weeks from now, the relationship troubles presumably continue in “The Autumn of Break-Ups.”

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