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October 15, 2012 at 12:00 PM EDT

There are two positives about Mondays: 1) I know an entire week of good TV programming awaits me. And 2) I know it’s the day I answer your questions! Yes, it’s actually fun.

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The Arrow cast was out in full force during New York Comic-Con this weekend. (Also, this sizzle reel? AWESOME!) And I was lucky enough to snag a few minutes backstage with Stephen Amell and Katie Cassidy so they could answer a few questions for fans who made the premiere a record-breaker.

Will we see some Laurel/Oliver flashbacks any time soon? — Joy

“You’ll definitely get to see more of the history between Laurel and Oliver, and where they come from,” assures Cassidy, who adds that she loves playing a character with “a huge heart.” Which is also something that likely endears her to Oliver. “Laurel lost her sister because her boyfriend had an affair and invited her [on the boat]. It’s basically his fault. And I think if any man did this to me and my sisters, I would never forgive that person,” she says. “I feel like she has a lot of soul, and she’s clearly very strong because she tries to see the best in everyone. I think that says a lot about her.”

Sandra, can we please get Revenge/Arrow crossover? I think Emily and Oliver would make amazing partners! — Leslie

…And have amazingly beautiful justice-seeking babies! Ehem. No spoiler here because this is a crazy bananas idea. But, for the record, Amell is on board: “Let’s cross pollinate. Let’s do it. I don’t understand why we wouldn’t. Maybe ABC and CW would have issues, but that’s not for me to discuss. But in a perfect world, we would just do it.”

Sandra, please tell me we’re going to see that ladder thing on Arrow again. Please. Please. – Kristine

As I reported in this post-premiere scoop, no salmon ladder again any time soon. (Sniff.) But if it’s action you like, I hear there’s some very impressive machete stunts in this week’s episode (not to mention, a Kardashian joke). And in the seventh episode, there’s a fight scene that Amell is “very proud of” against a character that “D.C. comics fans will recognize.” “It’s another fight in my plain clothes and when I’m in my plain clothes, it has to be only me because I don’t have a hood on; you can’t hide my face,” he said. “It got a really nice reception from the crew after we shot it.”


Can’t wait for American Horror Story? Good; you should be very excited. Oh, and terrified. As the first five minutes hinted this season is even sexier, scarier and more sinister than season 1. That said, because there’s so much brand new about this season, it’s hard to tease without giving a great deal away. So I took 5 FAQ from my inbox:


Do we see Bloodyface right away? Is he disgusting?

Define “right away.” And yes.

What the f— happens to Adam Levine after this?

I’m not ready to talk about it yet. Blame the PTSD. But you probably heard a rip, right?

When do we find out the story about the body parts?

Season premiere.

How is Lizzie Brochere?

We only see her briefly in episode 1. But she’s important over all. Her loyalties will be tested at Briarcliff.

Were they serious about the aliens?

It is a word heard in the season premiere, yes. But that’s all I’ll say.


Also at New York Comic Con this weekend? The gang from Person of Interest, who participated in a panel conducted by my colleague Ken Tucker. And after the fun, the cast and creator Jonathan Nolan sat down with reporters to give a few tastes of things to come. (Thanks to everyone who answered my Saturday morning call for questions!)

On Root’s return:

Root (Amy Acker) said she’d be back and her promise will reign true, says Nolan, “it’s just a question of when and how.” As for whether that will happen before midseason, Nolan said coyly, “no comment.” Also, in case you missed it, Mark Pellegrino is going to guest!

Not-so-happy family?

While the core four will remain on the same side, Nolan hinted at a few fractures to come. “We have four characters who like each other, understand each other — still have lots of secrets there — but they’re allies… you gotta throw a winkle in there eventually,” teases Nolan. “Expect things to take a turn for the worst.”

Fusco vs. Carter?

“Carter is a natural detective. She’s never going to be satisfied with being kept at arm’s length,” says Nolan of Carter’s instincts to seek out the truth when it comes to her dealings with Finch and Reese. And in the third episode, Nolan teased that viewers will see her approach directly conflict with Fusco’s method of operation. “They have a somewhat different philosophy about just how far they should push that issue,” he says.

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