By Hillary Busis
Updated October 13, 2012 at 04:31 AM EDT
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It’s a new semester at Degrassi High, which means new couples, new challenges, and, of course, new drama. All three were represented in the season 12, part 2 premiere’s main storyline: Adam and Becky’s transition from quasi-friends to newly-minted boyfriend and girlfriend. And while Degrassi‘s Adam plots have always been daring, this might be his most exciting arc yet.

From his brief fling with Fiona to his disastrous blind date with Tristan, Adam has had more than his share of romantic woes. He deserves a girl who likes him for him — and ultra-Christian Becky Baker could be just that girl, as unlikely as their pairing might seem. (It helps that she’s much less annoying now than she was at the beginning of season 12.) They work together on a student council fundraiser, they throw french fries at each other in adorable slow motion, they share their first kiss in Degrassi’s hallowed halls — so far, so good.

There’s just one problem: Becky’s conservative parents would flip if they learned that Adam is transgender. And Becky’s so bad at keeping secrets that she might not be able to keep them from finding out.

Adam and Becky work together; his zen attitude balances out her energy, making them not nearly as random as some of Degrassi‘s couples. (Emma and Spinner’s marriage still has me scratching my head.) So it’s going to be fun to see what sparks fly as their relationship blossoms — provided they don’t break up immediately, which is as likely to happen as anything else.

Are you rooting for Degrassi’s newest pair? Has Becky been growing on you too? And what did you think of tonight’s other two plot lines — Bianca’s crusade to get Drew to tell his mother about their engagement, which blew up spectacularly, and Eli’s experimentation with filmmaking while high? Something tells me that last one won’t end well, although it did lead to the episode’s funniest visual: a stoned Jake tossing a chip in the air, then trying and totally failing to catch it in his mouth.

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