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Saturday Night Live - Season 42

NBC synergy alert! Christina Applegate is not only a great comedic actress known for starring in one of the funniest movies of all time (Anchorman) — she’s also headlining Up All Night, a Peacock sitcom with sleepy ratings. Will an appearance on SNL boost Up All Night‘s low profile?

Maybe, maybe not. What really matters is that unlike last week’s host, Applegate is a known quantity when it comes to comedy. She may not have appeared on this show since her Kelly Bundy days, but in the past 19 years, Applegate has only gotten funnier — so it’s reasonable to have fairly high expectations for her performance. (Digression: If you’re feeling nostalgic, check out the sketches that were performed during Applegate’s first hosting stint. Coffee Talk! The Gap! Deep Thoughts! Matt Foley’s first-ever appearance! It’s like an early ’90s SNL greatest hits list.)

As a bonus, Applegate could very well bring Up All Night co-stars Maya Rudolph and Will Arnett in for cameos; their presence would be much appreciated. Then again, the episode’s biggest sketch might not feature Applegate at all.

Though Thursday’s vice presidential debate occurred just two nights ago, I’d be shocked if Laughing Joe Biden and Precocious High School Junior Paul Ryan didn’t generate more than enough material for a great Jason Sudeikis/Taran Killam segment. If the writers put any thought whatsoever into this sketch, it should be good; Sudeikis’s petulant veep is funnier than his Romney, and while we’ve barely seen Killam’s take on Ryan, I’ve got a feeling he’ll nail Romney’s running mate. And hey, maybe Applegate could even sneak in as no-nonsense moderator Martha Raddatz.

Passion Pit has a song on the Breaking Dawn — Part 2 soundtrack, so I’m expecting nothing less than sparkly vampires and heartbreaking behind-the-scenes betrayals from their set tonight. I guess some singles from Gossamer would also be okay.

What are you hoping to see on SNL tonight? Do you love Anchorman as much as I love lamp, or do you have no soul? What would you give to see Will Arnett as host? Discuss these questions, as well as the episode itself, below — we’ll be back in the morning with a full recap.

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