By Sandra Gonzalez
October 12, 2012 at 05:05 PM EDT
Alex Wong/Getty Images

Sorry, Big Bird. The Internet is leaving you for an older man.

After last night’s Vice Presidential debate, the Internet and the media have found new fodder in the blinding grin of the nation’s 69-year-old Vice President Joe Biden. The veep’s exaggerated guffaws and smirks at Paul Ryan’s assertions and figures arguably drew as much or more attention as the substance of the candidates’ conversation. (The Internet has already gifted us with Twitter accounts like @LaughingJoeBiden and @MalarkyJoe.)

While supporters were thrilled his aggressive demeanor, Biden’s critics found him rude and cranky, combining for an Internet buzz not dissimilar to what happened to Big Bird last week after Mitt Romney said during his Debate that he would cut funding for PBS. (Remember when @FiredBigBird was a thing for a hot second? PBS supporters came out in droves, while Michelle Malkin declared the next morning that Democrats were “hiding behind Big Bird.”)

But can the same be said for Laughing Joe Biden, which has largely dominated the this morning’s post-debate headlines? The headline on Fox News this morning? “Snickerdoodle.” Over at CNN, it was: “Stats, grins and ‘malarkey.'”

Meanwhile, ABC writes that while “Republicans…wasted no time labeling Biden’s laughs as problematic,” no moment got more Twitter action than Biden’s “Jack Kennedy” quip, noting that “activity spiked to its highest level of the night with more than 7,000 tweets per minute.”

Did Biden “laugh” his way to victory? Or did he go to far? Please chime in with your totally objective opinions.


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