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The show’s already been renewed for a second season, but Nickelodeon’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles update still has a lot of unfinished business to deal with in season 1.

The series’ first two episodes reintroduced the half-shelled heroes, not to mention Splinter and April. But as this exclusive sneak peek of a future episode shows, some classic baddies are on the way soon.

The clip below features the Turtles taking on mad scientist (are there any other kinds of scientists in TMNT-land?) Dr. Baxter Stockman, who’ll be voiced by MADtv‘s Phil LaMarr. Armor clad and laser equipped, Baxter seems to be unstoppable. Watch the exclusive video below to see how things pan out:

The TMNT cast and crew will also be premiering the clip as part of a larger package at this evening’s official New York Comic-Con panel, which will be moderated by yours truly. And the Turtles have already made their mark on the conference, turning an innocent hallway in the Javitz Center into a grimey, ooze-y sewerscape.

Credit: Lewis Jacobs/NBC
Credit: Lewis Jacobs/NBC

Any questions you want me to ask the Turtle team?

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