Among celebrities, you’d be hard-pressed to find two people with more divergent political persuasions than Sean Penn and Kid Rock. Penn, who won an Oscar for his portrayal of a gay-rights advocate in 2008’s Milk, is an open and vehement Democrat — his work with social and political causes is nearly as extensive as his filmography. Kid Rock, on the flip side, is a guitar-totin’ Skynyrd devotee who supports the troops, NASCAR, and Mitt Romney. A match made in heaven? I think not.

But this unlikely duo have released a funny 10-minute NSFW PSA calling for an end to destructive partisan antagonism. It’s an undeniably strange clip — yes, they do talk about penis size. But the message is clear: quit demonizing your political rivals and actually work toward something. Watch the video after the jump for a heartening celebration of compromise in the face of extreme difference.

Or at least, watch it so you can see Sean Penn and Kid Rock go on a sun-soaked California man date. And talk about their penises.

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