By Hillary Busis
Updated October 12, 2012 at 09:39 PM EDT
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Will Drew and Bianca go through with their engagement? Will Clare be able to move on after bringing the writer who harassed her to justice? Is Fiona and Imogen’s relationship as solid as it seems? And what, exactly, is the deal with Becky and Adam — are they just friends, or could they be something more?

We may not get answers to all of these questions when the second half of Degrassi‘s 12th (!) season premieres on TeenNick tonight — but we will be able to celebrate the return of everyone’s favorite Canadian high school soap. Bonus: Starting now, EW will be posting reacts to each episode after it airs on the west coast.

So join me, Degrassi fans, in welcoming back television’s most intense teen drama. (Take that, Hollywood Heights!) I’ve got a feeling that this season, this show is totally going to go there.

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