Credit: Darkhorse

David Fincher may be a big-name director, but that doesn’t mean his name alone can turn dream projects into reality. Take The Goon, Fincher and Blur Studio’s proposed animated adaptation of Eric Powell’s inventively manic Dark Horse comic series. Despite the creation of a three-minute “proof of concept” teaser that has been making the rounds on the Internet since 2010, Hollywood still hasn’t taken the bait. So that’s why the studio and The Social Network director are bypassing the traditional greenlighting process and going straight to the public. A Kickstarter campaign launched today aims to raise $400,000 in the next month to fund an extended story reel — “a complete look at the film’s potential” — that would be used to convince studios to pick up the film.

The comics are a winkingly over-the-top salmagundi of zombies, robots, monsters, and gangster archetypes, and follows the crackling and un-PG adventures of the hulking Goon and his quick-patter companion, Franky. Actors Clancy Brown and Paul Giamatti, who lent their voices to the original pitch video, are set to reprise their roles. The Kickstarter page claims that while that video was well-received, more is required to sway the suits, considering it “isn’t a sequel or filled with dancing animals.”

Fincher also teamed up with Blur Studio’s Tim Miller and Jeff Fowler for this funny (and multi-targeted) launch video.

Fincher’s final question would be a pointed one even if it weren’t followed by an ironic blast of Hans Zimmer’s foghorn: “Does Hollywood know better than you?” With sites like Kickstarter, it’s becoming easier for filmmakers to not only raise money for passion projects, but also demonstrate the pre-existence of a market for said projects. The Goon campaign already has over $30,000 pledged, presumably from fans of Fincher and Powell’s comics. Although you can never discount the deep pockets of Little Orphan Annie devotees. Check out the original proof-of-concept video below.

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