By Hillary Busis
October 11, 2012 at 09:33 PM EDT
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For the past while, folks ’round the Internet have been grumbling that TED’s conference series — high-minded lectures delivered by luminaries like Bill Gates, Jane Goodall, and Malcolm Gladwell, as well as a host of less-famous names — is past its prime. Evidently, America’s greatest news source has heard this griping — and it’s responding by releasing its own series of satirical addresses called “Onion Talks.”

The bad news: The first Talk won’t premiere on the satirical site’s YouTube page until next Wednesday. The good news: Judging by this brief preview, these videos are going to be as hilarious as the Onion News Network’s content. Regardless of whether you’re a TEDhead or you’ve never seen a single talk, you should get a kick out of this:

Seriously, though, what is the biggest rock? That question’s going to haunt me for weeks.

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