By Adam B. Vary
October 11, 2012 at 09:22 PM EDT
Credit: David Mack

In Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 9 — the spin-off comic book series, overseen by Joss Whedon, that continues the story of his distaff dispatcher of neck-biters — the world is devoid of magic. It’s made life less outrageous for Buffy and her friends — no giant Dawn rampaging through the streets of Tokyo, for example — but for one of the Scoobies, it’s also made life simply less, period.

For Willow, reverting from a righteously powerful witch to just another mortal person has proven so painful, her one goal in life has been to bring magic back to the world. But how? Willow recently finished an arc on the sister comic series Angel & Faith in which the trio ventured into a hell dimension in the pursuit of their own impossible goals. And in this first look at the five-issue Willow miniseries (subtitled “Wonderland” and launching Nov. 21), we get a sense of what’s at stake for Willow’s quest other than the return of her magical mojo. 

“She mainly just wants magic back for herself, whether she realizes it or not,” miniseries scribe Jeff Parker told EW in April when we first broke the news of the miniseries. “She really misses just being a witch and just doing what she used to do. She doesn’t really know what she’s looking for or how she’s going to do it. Her ego is pretty big at this point, and she thinks she can just figure it out for herself. So she goes charging into a chaotic universe where magic is all that matters, really.”

Check out the cover below, and then click forward for the first three pages of Willow #1.

Use your cursor as a magnifier for a closer look

Use your cursor as a magnifier for a closer look

Use your cursor as a magnifier for a closer look

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