The mysteries of Prometheus are legion and legendary. Released in June in the wake of a solid year of anticipation, the Alien semi-prequel turned out to be a stealth kickstarter for a new franchise — a sequel is being extremely vaguely planned for 2014 or so. Perhaps because of those sequel plans, Prometheus never provided direct answers for some of the most intriguing plot elements in the movie. A new infographic at the film’s Facebook page, however, appears to provide some insight into the nature of the Black Ooze (or “Black Goo,” if you’re a classicist) — the dark viscous substance which provided most of the central plot twists of the movie. It may also provide a hint about the direction of the movie, which for the sake of argument let’s call Prometheus 2: Rise of Epimetheus.

We know that the goo turns tiny space-worms into giant space-monsters; we know it gives human males a ravenous sex drive; and we know that it can impregnate barren wombs with magic tentacle babies. The infographic, which purports to be from a Weyland study, indicates that extensive testing was done on the ooze. And we mean extensive: Apparently, introducing the ooze onto one nameless planet led to the decimation of all life on that planet. So the Black Ooze can create life or take it away. (“Just like god, man,” says the annoying kid with the mutton chops who sits in the front row of philosophy class.) Could this mean that the next movie will feature a more in-depth exploration of the effects of the ooze? Maybe we’ll all have magic tentacle babies in the future? Check out the infographic and ponder:

Prometheus arrived on DVD and Blu-ray yesterday.

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