By Tara Fowler
Updated October 10, 2012 at 06:50 PM EDT
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Have you ever wondered what Jurassic Park IV might have looked like? Well, now that concept art from an abandoned version of the film has surfaced online, you can see for yourself.

Jurassic Park IV has been stuck in development hell for over a decade. A script is in the process of being written by married screenwriters Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver, but it is only the latest in a long line of attempts to bring a fourth installment of the dinosaur franchise to the screen. Pre-production on an earlier version of the sequel was halted in 2007 after Ain’t It Cool News posted a review of the screenplay, which included human-dinosaur hybrids and a team of five commando super dinos known as Achilles, Hector, Perseus, Orestes, and Spartacus. There’s no word on whether the hybrids will make an appearance in the new Jurassic Park movie — which Steven Spielberg bless at Comic-Con 2011 — but this concept art can give you an idea of what we would have been dealing with.

I’m not even sure I find these pictures scary. What was so terrifying about the dinosaurs in the first three Jurassic Parks is that they were dinosaurs — huge creatures hellbent on eating you. A human with clunky claw hands and a toothy mouth? Not so much. What do you think of the concept art?

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