Hollywood is going to have a lot to say about this, and it won't just be in GIF form.

The previously-anonymous creator of the popular Tumblr blog Hollywood Assistants has sold a sitcom to CBS inspired by her blog, which airs the day-to-day grievances of Hollywood assistants, illustrated with GIFs from television and movies. Some recent posts include "WHEN PEOPLE ASK HOW I AM FIRST THING IN THE MORNING" and "WHEN SOMEONE TELLS ME TO BE THE BIGGER PERSON." As many have noted, it's similar to many other GIF-centric blogs such as What Should We Call Me.

As Deadline initially reported and EW has confirmed, 20-Nothings will focus on five educated young women toiling as lowly assistants for high-powered Hollywood executives. The deal with CBS also outs the blog's creator, Lauren Bachelis, who's had stints with New Girl and Heroes, among other stops. She'll write and serve as a supervising producer on the new show, alongside Fred Savage, who will direct and be executive producer.

This isn't the first time CBS has gone to social media for new stories. In 2010, CBS aired $#*! My Dad Says, based on the popular Twitter account of the same name. 20-Nothings — and Bachelis — also evoke another show about over-educated, under-employed 20-somethings. Just refer to the new project as Girls: The West Coast.

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