Because the world would not be complete with just one film about the making of an Alfred Hitchcock classic, the upcoming HBO film The Girl (a.k.a., The One About The Birds) has been joined by the Oscar-baiting docudrama Hitchcock (a.k.a., The One About Psycho.) The first trailer for Hitchcock just hit the internet, and, as expected, the film looks to be a showcase for Anthony Hopkins’ Hitchcock impression. But the trailer is arguably stolen by Helen Mirren, playing Hitchcock’s fiercely devoted wife Alma. (Scarlett Johansson also appears as Janet Leigh.)

This is all well and good, but personally, I’m excited for the movie about the making of North by Northwest, which would theoretically star Ray Winstone as Hitchcock, George Clooney as Cary Grant, Michelle Williams as Eva Marie Saint, and Jon Hamm as James Mason. That movie is probably never happening, so watch this trailer and dream:

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