Black City

With hormone-soaked young adult novels all the rage when it comes to film adaptations (see Twilight, Beautiful Creatures), it’s no surprise that Screen Gems has snagged the screen rights to the as-yet unreleased but highly anticipated YA fantasy series Black City.

Screen Gems, the specialty production division at Sony Pictures Entertainment, announced Tuesday it’s developing the feature film based on the upcoming series by journalist and first-time novelist Elizabeth Richards. The first book in the series, Black City, will be released Nov. 13 by Penguin Young Readers Group imprint Putnam Juvenile.

According to a press release, Screen Gems “moved quickly” to complete the rights deal based on massive anticipation online and among teens, and is currently looking for a screenwriter for the film adaptation. The series focuses on a city where humans and beings called “Darklings” are separated by a wall, following a war between the two. In a classic Shakespearean Romeo and Juliet setup, 16-year-old half-blood Darkling Ash Fischer and human Natalie Buchanan, the daughter of “the Emissary,” fall for each other.

Let the potential blood bath and snogging begin.

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