By Hillary Busis
Updated October 09, 2012 at 02:42 PM EDT

It’s a communication contraption! It’s an mp3 player! No — it’s Samsung’s new smartphone, a mobile device designed specifically for music lovers. The Galaxy Music boasts a host of features sure to please audiophiles — dual stereo speakers, built-in FM radio, a state-of-the-art Sound Retrieval System meant to mimic 5.1 surround sound, and SoundAlive technology, which “intelligently makes automatic adjustments to sound quality by analyzing the source.” Sounds simultaneously Jetsons awesome and 2001: A Space Odyssey terrifying.

The Galaxy Music runs on the Android 4.0 operating system — adorably called Ice-Cream Sandwich — making it a great option for anyone who loves music but doesn’t want to be led to their death by Apple Maps. But even those who have sworn off physical Apple products will likely be using iTunes to populate their shiny new Samsung phones; it’s going to be tough for any other tech company to encroach on Apple’s musical monopoly.

Samsung’s announcement doesn’t contain a release date for the phone or, more importantly, its pricing. If this bar isn’t cheaper than an iPhone, music lovers might not be tempted to choose the Galaxy Music instead.

So like the Galaxy S3 before it, this device probably can’t claim to be an “iPhone killer” quite yet — though their commercials are genius — but at least consumers are getting more options when it comes to glowing rectangles. Now, who else is in the mood for an ice cream sandwich?

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