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Studies have shown that Hidden Gems of the Week,’s collection of reader-submitted ridiculata, is the best way to enjoy Dancing With the Stars without ever having to turn it on. It’s a visual feast of sparkles, fringe, and stunning awkwardness. Ready to go down the rabbit hole? Behold this bountiful smattering of Visible Gems!

“When Tom was acknowledging the band, we saw a glimpse of ECL (Enthusiastic Chimes Lady)! Haven’t seen her in ages!  Awww, I miss her.” —Jem H, endorsed by Anthony, Fringe Fairy

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“Drew chose a dance that was originally performed by Joey McIntyre from NKOTB. That one handed cartwheel was a breakdancing move that was in the beginning of Nkotb’s ‘Step by Step’ video (Jordan did it) ! Lol :-)” –More More Gems

“Anna playing on her iPad (?) during her cha-cha rehearsals with Drew. Maybe not playing, but it looked as though she was distracted and was like, “Oh… yeah, you go Drew” while trying to get to the next level of Angry Birds.” —Wiltasaurus

“Gilles’ awesome “Dancing My A** Off!” t-shirt! Talk about a perfect addition to Annie’s holiday wish list!” —kfran

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“The ladies in the front row are really getting into this dance. Can’t blame them. It’s completely  crazy cakes, but I like it.” —orville1970, endorsed by kfran


“Look at that funny dog on the place card on Melissa and Tony’s lunch table. He’s sitting like a person! But he’s a dog! Cuh-razy!” —kellen, endorsed by daphne99

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“On Planet Mirrorballus, tramp stamps must be covered in glitter or else…” —Tabbs, endorsed by duranmom, Ktbanks, BV, DWTS Prodigal, orville1970, daphne99, DonnaW, Kevin, Suz, MissKitty

“Being as shiny as possible is an absolute requirement in the Mirrorballus etiquette handbook.” —Wiltasaurus, endorsed by Fringe Fairy

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“Tony caught a streamer across the eyes and it looked like a Batman mask.” —DonnaW

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“The sequins from Karina’s blouse casting shimmering reflections on Apolo’s face during their critique from the judges.” —Wiltasaurus

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“Tom standing between the statues also has a very Caesar’s Palace feel to it” —Fridgedancer

Courtesy Everett Collection, Getty Images (inset)

“Kelly losing a flower during her dance, which then took on a life of its own, getting stepped on by Valentin, and then kicked by Kelly as she slid, feet-first, on the floor.” —Kevin M. Kawa

Courtesy Everett Collection, Getty Images (inset)

“After Kelly and Val’s Paso, Drew was in the skybox wearing a black t-shirt. Uh, costume changes are not permitted, Drew, especially when they cover your abs!” —kellen

“He was channeling his inner Jason Morgan.” —gigi

“Nancy Lee Ghran is to Kelly Monaco as Jamie Lee Curtis is to Jennifer Gray. Take note kids…its gonna be on the DWTS SATs…” —gigi, endorsed by orville1970, BV, sm

“Awe, I miss Enthusiastic Activia Lady!” —Fridgedancer, endorsed by Fringe Fairy

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Ron Tom/Disney Channel

“When Len was leaning back before giving Kelly and Val his score, he was really channeling Alfred Hitchcock.” —Wiltasaurus


“I just really loved Kelly’s ‘O’ face of shock at her first 9. I’d throw a gem in there but would that be gross?” —Fringe Fairy

Mark Schafer/Showtime

“Bruno & Len’s reaction to Paula Abdul is priceless. Such a fake “Ooohhhh” and Bruno’s “Thumbs up”” —JAYBES, endorsed by Karikata, Lorie, Fridgedancer, Tabbs

David A. Smith/Getty Images

“Why is Maks dressed like Conan the Barbarian?” —Liz

“I was getting “tall Sonny Bono.'” –orville1970, endorsed by johoallen, Wiltasaurus

“Maks kind of reminded me of Tarzan, except with guyliner and blush.” —MissKitty

“I totally got ‘original 1970s Bruce Jenner.” —Nancy Abrams

“Maks’ overall style tonight was very reminiscent of Keanu Reeves in those “philosophical” conspiracy memes!” —TDI19


“What’s up with Maks’ pompadour in the rehearsal footage?” —DonnaW

“Bedhead.” —johoallen

Mike Lawrie/Getty Images

“Oh wow. Kirstie lives in a pink house.  All houses in Mirrorballus should be pink and/or bedazzled.” —orville1970, endorsed by JAYBES, daphne99, BV, Tabbs

“And trimmed with fringe!” —CA, endorsed by Fringe Fairy, duranmom

Warner Bros.

“Maks license plate that said “Maks” on his little car. It’s not the DANCMSTR plate sadly, but it’s the closest we’re seen to it in a few seasons.” —Liz, endorsed by Fringe Fairy, Kevin, Jem H, Woodberryrz

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Mark Schafer/Showtime

“And Maks had a set of shiny mirrorballs hanging from his rear view mirror like dice!!” —tango2

I loved the mini mirrorballs in the Mini Cooper, but, if Maks was Mick in Great Britain as evidenced by all the Union Jacks wouldn’t the steering wheel be on the left?” —daphne99


“BEAUTIFUL GEM! Annie sighting! —Lucy, endorsed by johoallenBVkellenLaurenDebraDAnthonyTay

“Does Annie have on sparkly glasses!?!?!” —JAYBES

“It’s Annie. Of course she does.” —duranmom, endorsed by daphne99

“This is EPIC! Fringe Fairy gets to be in the ballroom for her favorite song massacre by the HWB! “That doesn’t mean my life is without hope, no, no, no!”” —Liz

“THAT’S MY ANNIE!” I shout and startle my friends.” —amber nielsen

“My kids are used to me “knowing” the writers now.  I met Michael Slezak after an American Idol concert and my daughter said ‘mom, that’s the guy from the computer.’  Yep, he is…” —duranmom, endorsed by the girl from the computer

Theo Wargo/Getty Images

“The creepy girl from The Ring entering the far balcony behind Cheryl when she and Emmitt are being interviewed by BBC post-dance.” —Elizabeth

“Did Denise Huxtable make Emmitt’s shirt or is it a Gordon Gatrell original” —gigi

Michael Buckner/Getty Images

“I must have watched the Olympics a bit too much over the summer because as they keep outlining the dance floor in lights for almost every dance, I keep thinking the teams should get a mandatory deduction if they step over the line.” —Woodberryrz, endorsed by Fringe Fairy


“Helio using his bright gold hat from his previous “Mask” dance with Julianne to prepare for this week’s quickstep. Hey pachuco indeed!” —Lelo, endorsed by Woodberryrz

“My ‘I’m not paying attention’ husband equated Chelsie’s ill-fated striped dress to the striped cape that was the downfall of the villain on The Incredibles. As Edna said, ‘No capes, dahling.’  “No fluffy dresses, dahling.” Oh, but he’s not really watching.” —DWTS Prodigal

Phillipe Bosse/ABC

“I just want to say thank you to Val. For deciding he should sit in the celebraquarium shirtless… Thankyou very much” —Fridgedancer, endorsed by johoallen, duranmom, BV

Vivian Zink/ABC; Darren Michaels/CBS; Eike Schroter/ABC

“Mark is wearing a bedazzled version of Jughead’s hat from the Archie comics.” —orville1970, endorsed by BV, gigi, DWTS Prodigal, Wiltasaurus

“I thought Jughead had joined the military and was wearing some of his medals!” —Tabb

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“Why did the pool of blood at the end of Bristol and Mark’s dance look like it was coming from his crotch?  Did she castrate him at the end of their fight?” —Suz, endorsed by Kevin

Dana Edelson/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

“Anyone notice Anna’s face after Bristol and Mark’s scores were revealed and BrookeBot talked about keeping them safe.” —Justme

“I saw Anna’s face!  Forgot about that one.  It was priceless.  She represents us all.  Or me, at least.” —Jem H


“I see Derek is still trying to work that invisi-beard.” —Electronic_Neko, endorsed by PriceTag (NOT #HashTag)

Warner Bros.

“Carrie Ann flashes Len her hidden gem.” —Electronic_Neko, endorsed by Fridgedancer, duranmom



“Peta’s bedazzled belly button was shining through her stocking covering on her stomach.” —daphne99

“The way Brooke’s dress was gathered in the front, it looked suspiciously like millions of strands of fringe tucked into her large belt (which reminded me of an Altoids tin, for some reason). But then I thought, why, oh WHY would anyone attempt to hide fringe on DWTS?” —emiperkins

“The front of Brooke-bot’s belt makes me think of a USB port…”Connect here.”” —Lorie

“It just hit my what Brooke’s belt looked like!. Those metallic hotel tissue dispensers that are attached to the wall in the bathroom. However, Brooke’s tissues would be bedazzled with gems and glitter, which would actually hurt your nose, but would be fabulous!” —daphne99

John Shearer/WireImage

“Oh no! Shawn and Derek fell into the abyss of Planet Mirrorballus! Hopefully Princess Sparkle and ECL will save them!” —Colleen, endorsed by Fringe Fairy

“Hidden gem: the musicians standing up to make sure Shawn and derek were okay after they fell into the pit.” —Music_girl29, endorsed by DWTS Prodigal, Nancy Abrams, TDI19

“After Apolo and Karina were sent up to Brookebot Mountain, the Twitter feed thing disappeared in a burst of shimmer just at the moment Tom opened his hands. It looked as though he either generated the shimmer, or was trying to catch it all in his hands.” —Wiltasaurus, endorsed by Fringe Fairy


Thank you, DANCMSTRs one and all, for this fabulous gem heap!


Fringe Fairy

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