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I’m simply floored by the amount of great TV on right now. Maybe I’m addicted. Maybe I need a life. And maybe I don’t care. It’s too much fun.

Also a blast? Answering your questions. So keep ’em coming: and via Twitter @EWSandraG.


If you haven’t watched last night’s episode, I recommend you skip over this little section.

I know, it’s rare that I give a spoiler warning within a spoiler column, but I would never want to ruin something as big as what happened at the end of last night’s Homeland. Just when I thought I had an idea of where the season was headed, my theory blew up in my face just two episodes in! And now that Saul has found Brody’s confession tape (!!) where does that leave us?

Well, when I caught up with executive producer Howard Gordon at the Emmys (yes, I’ve been holding the secret a long time!) he previewed the next steps for me. “[Saul] comes back to let everybody know — and let Carrie know, in particular — that what drove her to her breakdown was wrong and that she was actually right,” he says. “The second season doesn’t really begin until episode 3. Episodes 1 and 2 were, in a way, a preamble to the rest of the season.”

Brilliant. Purely brilliant. But also necessary, says Gordon. “The trick is finding these two characters who are in such wildly different places — Carrie’s character having had a breakdown and Brody on his political rise — and finding a way to get them back together again, which I think you begin to intimate how that might happen.”

Also next week? There’s blood on someone’s hands (literally), Jessica gets a chance to shine, and Saul once again wows by being two steps ahead of his peers and the audience.


Annie may have been the one on the mend as of late on Covert Affairs, but in episode 15, Auggie is going to be working on a little healing of his own.

The beloved character will be traveling back to Iraq as part of Operation Proper Exit, a program for wounded veterans that aims to help them confront their memories. When Christopher Gorham and I last chatted, he was over the moon about both the program and the upcoming storyline. “[The program gets veterans] back into the field of battle so they can see the improvements that have been made since they’ve been gone, and it also gives them a chance to leave service on their own terms,” he said. “So Auggie is going to do that in a later episode and we’re going to explore that with him, which is going to be interesting.”

Initially, however, Auggie was supposed to be sent there on order from his psychiatrist (Daniella Alonso). But now that the actress is living without power on NBC’s Revolution, the show developed an alternative plan. Still, Gorham says he’s bummed. It’s great for Daniella because she’s been working so much on Revolution, but it’s been really frustrating because … the resolution was actually great and helped set up what happens in these last episodes,” he says.

Ack, Hollywood!


I’m still reeling from last week’s season premiere of Supernatural. But the one thing that has left me with a pit of fear in my stomach is this mystery surrounding Cas. (Seriously, how creepy was Dean while talking about it in the cabin? Love!) But as Misha Collins told a group of journos during a set visit to Vancouver, whatever transpired in Purgatory between the two of them started off as an act of penance for Cas.

“[Cas] left Dean because he wanted to try to keep him safe,” he says. “[Cas] being around is actually a liability in Purgatory, and he’s working to try to right the wrongs of his past doings.”

Episodes 7 and 8 will reveal much much more on that front as well as enlighten the audience about Cas’ arc for the season that involves a big threat, says Collins. “There’s something going on with Cas that neither Cas nor the brothers know. Cas is sort of being manipulated behind the scenes and he’s not aware of that and neither are the boys,” he says. “We’ll see how that affects their relationship in the long run.”

Meanwhile, when will we learn Cas’s thoughts on Dean’s new vampire buddy Benny? Soon. And let’s just say they all won’t likely be sharing beers any time soon. “He’s wary of Benny from the get-go, and I think that he then is possibly a bit jealous too of the friendship or camaraderie that happens between Dean and Benny,” he says. “You know, Cas doesn’t have a lot of other friends in Purgatory.” Someone get this angel a hug!

NEXT: Sons of Anarchy, Walking Dead, Vampire Diaries, and more!


I need some VampElena spoilers!! — Lizzie

What about an ID game where Vampire Elena is AT LEAST one of the answers? In the premiere…1) Two characters almost have sex in the woods, 2) Someone gets a very meaningful gift in a moment that will drive fans wild, 3) Someone’s lapse in judgement will cause them great emotional pain in episode 2, 4) Guilt-ridden Matt gets some very wise advice from an unlikely person.

I’ve heard a bit about the first two episodes of The Vampire Diaries but need more Rebekah spoilers!! HELP! — Ty

True story: When I was a kid, I once gave my sister’s Barbie tattoos using permanent marker. I thought it looked cool. She didn’t feel the same way. Why am I sharing? Because I can relate to Rebekah, who ends up destroying a sibling’s precious property some time during the first two episodes. Suffice to say her punishment is a little more severe than getting sent to her room.

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I’m definitely digging Revolution and the cross-bow issue is pretty obvious to me. I’d like some scoop on Revolution or Doctor Who. Thanks. — Traci

I’m digging it as well. (Though, I would not recommend chasing a Revolution double feature with a Walking Dead screener. It can get confusing. “Why are they using their cars?! Oh…”) And when EW chatted with executive producer Jon Favreau this weekend, he promised more character backstory and post-outage context — all of which made last week’s episode the best yet. “The viewer will get a sense of the science behind what’s happening, the political circumstances, why the world went dark as well as getting to know more about the family at the center of it,” he said. “As you learn what’s happening around the country and the world, there’s a lot of fun to be had.” But it’s fun the director might only be able to experience off set, for now. Though he directed the pilot, Favreau said Jersey Boys preproduction might prevent him from directing another episode before season’s end. “Hopefully I will be able to go to North Carolina and be involved in one of the shoots,” he says.

Okay so it’s possible I just missed this but on the new season of Scandal they keep talking about Stephen having left. Is he gone for good? Plus any other scoop would be greatly appreciated. — Jillian

Um, you did miss some news — back in June! (He’s not coming back.) And now that you’re all caught up, let’s get you ahead of the curve with some scoop: Get ready for some more flashbacks! I hear episode 8 will take us back to Inauguration Day, when Olivia was working with a few important people (other than the Pres) whom she’ll cross paths with again in present day. Meanwhile, Scandal fans, make sure you’ve checked out our behind-the-scenes video series.

New Girl scoop? — Alicia

In an upcoming episode that sees a return from lesbian gyno Sadie, Jess becomes a little concerned about her most fertile years slipping away from her. (Don’t worry, Jess. Even Kim Kardashian has been there.) More immediately, I’m pretty excited about Rob Riggle guest starring as Schmidt’s cousin. Why? Because Max Greenfield said we should all be excited, and his wish is my command. “I could not keep a straight face with Rob yesterday,” he tells EW. “I ruined so much footage yesterday that it was embarrassing. He’s playing Big Schmidt, A.K.A. Schmidt’s cousin. We both go by Schmidt and that causes some issues.”

Sandra! I heard something about a surprise guest on Sons of Anarchy this week? Any juicy hints? — Lee

I won’t say anything about this person’s ID — but you’ll know who they are immediately even if they don’t look quite like they normally do. And they are involved in a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it kiss that will have fans rolling with laughter.

Hey Sandra! I know these shows are at the opposite ends of the spectrum, but you have any Always Sunny or Boardwalk Empire scoop? — Brandy

Brandy, I appreciate your bipolar taste in television in the same way I appreciate It’s Always Sunny’s often horrifying sense of humor. (Both are strange, and I love it!) On that note, prepare yourself for a doozy of a season 8 opener! Dee and Dennis will find themselves in the middle of a family crisis as they contemplate taking their former-Nazi grandfather off life support. Meanwhile, the rest of the gang goes on a search for treasure the old guy may have left in Charlie’s possession. I can say this with absolute certainty: The name Hitler is uttered more in this season premiere than any other this fall.

Have you got any info as to what Blair and Chuck are up to in 6.02? — Danielle

I can’t say their paths cross all that much in this episode. Chuck is busy trying to take down his father, and Blair is busy tying to cope with the reappearance of Nelly Yuki, who now holds a very powerful position that can ruin Blair’s new fashion venture.

I have to say, Dexter is totally back on track this season. Any scoop is appreciated! — Drew

You know how Dexter hates living with Deb, wants to kill again, and is getting increasingly frustrated with Louis? At least two things won’t be a problem by the end of next week’s episode.

Please, please tell me Olivia will be using her abilities this season to kick some observer butt. And not just one time. — Rhoda R.

Does she still have her abilities? When we caught up with the lovely Anna Torv, she expressed doubt. “In the last scene of season four, Walter says, ‘It’s all out of your system now,’” she says. Of course, we know nothing is ever guaranteed on this show.

Since you asked, my favorite new show is 666 Park. And scoop is much appreciated! — liz h.

We’re slowly starting to learn the backstories related to the characters at the Drake, but Mercedes Masohn says we’ve only scratched the surface of the challenges facing Louise. In fact, the next two or three episodes will start “to reveal what my [character’s] inner demons are and what Louise has been struggling with all along,” she says.

Credit: Lewis Jacobs/NBC

Sandra, I saw you spent part of the weekend watching the new Walking Dead. Spill! — Mike

Can I take two seconds to gush first? Because the first two episodes are AWESOME! Ehem, as for your request: Get ready to see the Rick-tatorship in action this season! And in the premiere, Rick will make an executive decision that will change someone’s life forever…

ANY Grey’s scoop is appreciated! — Kate

If you’re feeling as emotionally drained as I am by these last few episodes, we should both look forward to the episode directed by Kevin McKidd, which will be the fourth this season. According to the multi-talented star, the episode will deliver “some wild cases” and a much-needed dose of laughter. “We’ve got a particularly crazy storyline with a guy who’s had his man parts get way out of control. So there’s a lot of fun to be had and a lot of double entendres,” he previews. “I usually do more dramatic stuff in the episodes, so it’s fun for me to change it up and get one that’s much lighter. I didn’t expect that.”

Once Upon a Time has knocked it out of the park so far this season! I’m SO excited! Any scoop — particularly Emma related — would be magical! (I get extra points for that, right?) — Nikki

Emma might be trapped in another land with her mom, but that’s not the only place we’ll see her this season. In an upcoming episode, we’re going to have a revealing Emma flashback that will take us back to Portland.

Casting bonus!

Since Bond is all the rage these days, how about some semi-related casting scoop? I hear Ivana Milicevic, the quiet-but-deadly Valenka in Casino Royale, has locked a role on CBS’s Vegas. She will play Diane, a new, sexy nightclub singer at the Savoy who has a romantic past with Savino. Milicevic will guest star in episode 7.

(James Hibberd and Carrie Bell contributed to this column.)

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