Bluebell is one talented town. So what better way for them to show off their various skills than with a talent show?

Continuing Hart of Dixie's tradition of hosting random events, this week's episode finds the town in a tizzy over its very first BlueBellapalooza, where cast members Scott Porter, Wilson Bethel, and Claudia Lee will end up showing off their musical skills.

Lee, who plays Lemon's younger sister Magnolia on the sophomore drama, says the episode "picks up the pieces from the premiere," where, as you'll recall, Zoe and Lemon each made their own declarations of independence. "Lemon is trying to become independent, and Magnolia and Brick are confused," says Lee. "It's a lot of new things and new avenues that everyone is exploring."

It's a message Lee says her song, "Take My Hand," which she performs in the episode, also touches on. "It's a great song about sticking to what you believe in and I really think it describes what's going on in Bluebell right now and what's going on in season 2 of Hart of Dixie."

Check out a piece of her performance below!

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