A blank piece of paper, paperclips, a few brads, stapler, stick of gum, a pair of scissors, and a hammer. According to “Home Crafts Expert” and occasional actor and comedian Steve Martin, that’s all it takes to create a wad of paper — while also endorsing good friend Bob Kerrey for the open U.S. Senate seat in Nebraska.

Alas, Martin’s unconventional backing of Kerrey — who presided over Martin’s 2007 wedding — comes as the former Democratic governor (1983-87) and senator (1989 to 2001) of the Cornhusker State is down by double digits in many polls to reclaim his former post against Republican opponent Deb Fischer. New York Times polling guru Nate Silver gives Kerrey a measly six percent chance of winning. But maybe Martin’s support can turn the tide? Check out his video below and decide for yourself:

So do you think Kerrey has a fighting chance?

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