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A Canadian singer on the brink had her song, “Call Me Maybe,” featured in the season finale of 90210. Just a few short months later, Carly Rae Jepsen, will perform in the show’s fifth season premiere. But now, she’s a superstar.

“I listened to 20 seconds and said “Yea!” It hadn’t even come out yet. But you listened to it and knew it was amazing,” executive producer Lara Olsen recalls. But neither Olsen nor fellow EP Patti Carr could have predicted the success that would come to the singer over the summer, they say, and they consider themselves lucky for scoring the star for a guest spot right in the middle of her meteoric rise to fame.

In the episode, Adrianna (Jessica Lowndes) goes to Las Vegas to perform during intermission at Jepsen’s poolside show. And though her speaking parts are brief, Carr says Jepsen earns a lot of credit for playing one of the toughest roles out there — herself. “She was not entirely sure how she would do. She had some trepidation and wanted to make sure this was something she felt comfortable with,” says Carr. “By the end of the day and the end of the takes where she was speaking, it was clear that she is totally comfortable [on camera]. Next time, she can play herself even better and can play it even more!”

Meanwhile, Jepsen is not the only high-profile guest star set for this season, which kicks off Monday. Carr and Olsen opened up about some of the other faces fans will be seeing this season and gave a few choice teases about what to expect:

Ryan Lochte…glamping?

“That all happened very quickly,” says Olsen of Lochte’s guest stint. After receiving the offer, Olsen and Carr jumped at the chance to have the Olympian make a cameo. “And then it was like, ‘Great because he’s coming over right now!'” jokes Carr. In the end, the pair was able to work Lochte into a scene at a high-end camp ground where Naomi (AnnaLynne McCord) and Max have gone “to try to get closer as a couple,” says Carr. Their one regret? “I was just so sorry there was no water!” says Carr.

What happens to Dixon?!

While Olsen and Carr wouldn’t spill on the exact outcome of Dixon’s horrific car accident, the one thing Olsen will spill? “It wasn’t a dream.” We also know that mom (Lori Loughlin) comes racing back into down as a result and Olsen says there will be “real consequences” that come from the traumatic event. “We really are going to live with how this plays out,” she says. “In the premiere, for everybody, we pick up right where we left off because such big things happened, we wanted to actually see them [followed through].” However, there is one person who won’t immediately be aware of Dixon’s situation: Naomi, who will provide some of the drama-balancing lighter moments in the episode.

Naomi and Max: Big changes

After Max left his bride in the altar in the season finale, we pick up with Naomi and Max (and everyone else, for that matter) “about 15 minutes after we left off,” says Carr. And while the outcome of Dixon’s accident will largely play into the premiere, Carr says there will also be “a lot of twists and turns” in their relationship. “[The premiere] does a lot more escalating of situations than resolving them. But you do continue to seeing them together this season,” she says.

Episode 2…

will feature a time jump of a few weeks.

Teddy’s back for episode 100 — and beyond

When I last spoke to Trevor Donovan, he had been booked for two episode this season to close out the storyline with Silver, who in the finale, asked him to father her child. But Olsen and Carr said there’s much more Teddy to be seen this season. “Teddy has a really big, exciting storyline that we’re really excited about,” says Olsen. “He returns in our 100th episode and events in his storyline start to get a little more complicated and we expect to see more of him as we move forward.”

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