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Just call it Minaj’s Revenge.

Barbara Walters recently interviewed new American Idol judge Mariah Carey, and on The View this morning, relayed what Carey told her. Carey, via Walters, charged that multiple people heard fellow judge Nicki Minaj say, “If I had a gun, I would shoot the b***h,” as part of Minaj’s expletive-filled remarks against Carey that leaked online earlier this week.

Not surprisingly, Minaj sees things differently, and took to her Twitter this afternoon to clear a few things up. We’ve posted some highlights below, but you should really read the whole thing in its entirety.

First, Minaj declared, “The struggle to be a victim is real in these streets. Lmaooooooooooo” and “The struggle to not have the kid on the show is real in these streets. Lmaooooooooo.”

Then came back-to-back charges against Barbara Walters: “Hey yAll. Lets just say nicki said smthn about a gun. ppl will believe it cuz she’s a black rapper. Lmao. I’ll then hit up Barbara n milk it”… “Ironically no camera or mic heard the gun comment tho. Lol @ the struggle. Not even the producers believed u. Say no to violence barbz.”

In between retweets from followers expressing their support, she also declared, “Barbara walters didn’t reach out from our team barbz. I guess we’re too dangerous. Don’t shake if u don’t wannA get shook!!!! LmAooooooooooo.”

She also floats a theory on why Carey is hating her so much: “I guess it hurts 2 have the producers tell u to ur face that nicki is the best judge we’ve had since simon. Awww, poor u. Keep them lies cmn.”

Despite the charges, Minaj seems to be moving on and laughing (her a** off) quite a bit. All for show? The crumbling of the Idol armor? Keith Urban’s worst nightmare? Your move, Mariah.

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