By Abby West
Updated October 04, 2012 at 06:13 PM EDT

You know how your kids were begging to see Ted earlier this year because the thought of a favorite doll/stuffed animal who could come to life and be your real pal was just so appealing? And remember when you had to shut them down because Ted was simply too filthy (funny, but filthy)? Well now there’s something just for those kids who feel they missed out. And you don’t even have to cringe about it.

Disney XD’s new show Crash & Bernstein (premiering Oct. 8) is about a boy named Wyatt Bernstein, the only son among four kids, whose new puppet Crash comes to life and becomes his loud-mouthed boundary-pushing surrogate brother. Take a look at the moment Crash reveals himself as a sentient being.

RANDY HOLMES[/caption]

Wyatt may look thrilled but the everyone else seems a little disturbed.

Who’s willing to give the show a try next week?