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Sons of Anarchy | ''I watched five seasons of Sons of Anarchy . I resisted for ages because I had no interest in watching a show about a motorcycle…

Jax is dealing with a lot right now on Sons of Anarchy: Opie’s death, Pope’s deal, the home invasions in Charming, and getting into the escort business with Nero. His ex-wife, ex-junkie Wendy (Drea de Matteo) — who wants to work her way back into son Abel’s life — is low on Jax’s list of priorities. We’ll next see Wendy in episode 512. De Matteo participated in a conference call with reporters today. The highlights:

• On Wendy’s intentions: “I definitely don’t think I have any ulterior motives. I definitely don’t think I want to come in there and screw anybody. I think she is, probably after all of the treatment that she’s been through and now becoming a counselor herself, the healthiest of the bunch. It’s pretty crazy…. It’s like watching a child grow up, to a certain degree. I think in the very beginning of the series she was extremely, extremely vulnerable. At first she was mess, then she was sober and a raw nerve. Now she comes back with her confidence in tact and not wanting to stir any s— up except for be a responsible party. And it seems the whole entire world has imploded, and she’s gonna have a hard time maneuvering within it because nobody’s stable over there. She’s now become the face of stability (Laughs), which is kind of funny.”

• On whether Wendy wants back into Jax’s world: “I think that she’s happy that she’s no longer in that world. That will unfold even more as the season goes on, when we see just how screwed up the world has gotten…. I don’t think she’s looking to be a part of the club or to be a part of that community. I definitely think that she’s looking to be a part of [Abel’s] life and to do it in a way where she’s not causing drama. I think she’d like to just get along with everybody…. I think she’d like to be able to make amends to all of them, mostly to her son, and to be in his life, even if it meant she couldn’t say, ‘I’m your mom,’ but to just be in his life ’cause eventually when he’s older, he’s gonna want to know who his real mom is. But more than anything, I think she’s looking for stability. Not drama…. But I do think that if she’s pushed and manipulated and blocked out, that you will see a side of her…. it’s not so much that it’s an unstable, unsavory side. [It’s that] she’s a mama, and that’s her baby, and she went and took care of herself in order to be able to come back and reclaim what was hers. You can’t keep a mom away from her baby for too long. ”

• On Wendy and Gemma: “As you guys know, on any TV show, everything twists and turns — especially on Sons of Anarchy. The least expected thing to happen will happen. I think where it’s been left, Gemma is cozying up to me. Obviously, Wendy’s trying to find a way in. But she wants to find the cleanest way in. But she considers all aspects. If she can’t take the higher road, she may take the low road. But I think she’s gonna do everything in her power not to.”

• On whether she’d like to see a flashback explaining why Wendy and Jax were together in the first place: “I was talking with Charlie on set the other day, and we were kind of trying to figure out what the hell we were doing together as a couple before Tara came back to town…. We were joking around, ‘It must have just been the sex, maybe,’ because he really doesn’t like me. He really isn’t in to Wendy, but she did get pregnant, so it must have just been that. I don’t know what it was. I think maybe she was very vulnerable and he took care of her. Maybe it was just one of those if you can’t be with the one you love, love the one you’re with, and she was there…. Hell yeah, I would love to see what that was all about…. Nobody minds being in a scene with Charlie Hunnam for too long. (Laughs)”

• On the first time someone recognized her for SOA rather than The Sopranos: “Recently, we got pulled over for not having an updated registration on the car in New York, and New York is only Sopranos territory. We had the kids in the car [her 19-month-old son and 4-year-old daughter with partner Shooter Jennings], and the cops were so mean…. He took my license and went back and did his work and came back, and a.) I should have gotten a ticket because the registration was so overdue, b.) I was like, ‘Oh, he totally recognizes me from The Sopranos, for sure.’ He hands me back my license, and he goes, ‘Sons, right?’ …. I was like, ‘Thank you, Sons of Anarchy. That was my first one…. I thought for sure that I was going to jail, forget about the ticket. He didn’t want us to drive the car anymore. I had two children in the car and an old lady, and he wanted us to get out of the car. It was amazing. I’m glad I get to expose them right now. (Laughs)”

• On her next project: In November, she’ll film a Lifetime movie called Stalkers, based on the book Whispers of Fear: The True Story of the Prosecutor Who Stalks the Stalkers, which could turn into a series. “The two main characters are a D.A. and a cop. I’m the cop,” she says, “and they basically come together to figure out ways to prevent all this stalking that goes on, because there were no laws in place to protect women — or anybody, not just women — from that.”

• On the exercise video she recently shot and is now editing called F— You, I’m 40: She gained 80 pounds when she was pregnant with her daughter and 60 pounds with her son. “Someone showed me that when you Google my name, it comes up ‘Drea de Matteo fat,’ Drea de Matteo weight gain,’ the funniest thing, and I don’t even care because I know that I had the most smokin’ body of all time my whole life,” she said. She took the weight off gradually over two years because that’s the way you keep it off and she was always happy with herself. She’s not sure when the exercise video will be released. “It’s ridiculous. It’s basically my trainer training me, and I’m behind her puttin’ food in my mouth and doing everything wrong because that’s really who I am.”

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Sons of Anarchy | ''I watched five seasons of Sons of Anarchy . I resisted for ages because I had no interest in watching a show about a motorcycle…
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