In case you weren't aware, we at EW are just a little excited about Pitch Perfect, the college a cappella comedy that's out in wide release this Friday. For weeks, we've been releasing exclusive videos from the film — and last weekend, our own Lanford Beard declared a limited-release screening of PP to be "aca-mazing." (That's a reference to the movie, not a cutesy neologism we made up.)

And if you watch the following video of Pitch Perfect star Rebel Wilson recreating her audition for the film, you might understand why we're so pumped. The Bridesmaids actress started by warming up, shaking her hands and then cupping her, uh, boobular area — "A lot of people sing from their chest voice," she explained, "and I sing from my breast voice. It's a new thing that I do." Then she performed a rendition of Lady Gaga's "Edge of Glory" that starts small but ends huge — by the last note, fellow Tonight Show guest Bryan Cranston is forced to cower or face getting hit by one of Wilson's shoes. Edge of glory, or edge of sanity? Either way, we're on board:

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