After a grueling slog of killer abs and waxed chests, The Price is Right has narrowed down its search for a male model to three possible contenders: model/actor Clint Brink, model/actor Nick Denbeigh, and model/actor Rob Wilson. After an online vote, one of these dimple-flashing dudes will win a five-day run on the venerable daytime game show, with the winner revealed on the Oct. 5 episode — but who is the most deserving?

My esteemed colleague and official EW supernatural sexpert Mandi Bierly and I watched through each of these guys’ final audition videos on the Price is Right website, and then engaged in a spirited and barely salacious debate about their merits. The videos aren’t embeddable, however, so click here to watch them yourself, and then join our discussion below!

Mandi Bierly: Clint has the most polished on-air persona.

Adam B. Vary: But is he too polished?

Mandi: Exactly. You should not love me yet, Clint.

Adam: He is a goofy dancer, at least. I’m a bit concerned about his bio, though: “My family has always encouraged me to follow my dreams, which is why I’m a part of this competition.”

Mandi: You’re worried that Clint has higher aspirations than being a Price is Right model? Like, we’d get attached and then he’d be stolen away by GSN?

Adam: Or The Bachelorette.

Mandi: YES. With those abs.

Adam: The Price is Right isn’t a stepping stone, Clint. It’s the crown jewel.

[UPDATE! Mandi and I received the following tweet from one Clint Brink: “@EW Mad Love [The Price is Right] IS the Crown Jewel! I would never leave the show if I won! It is the BEST game show in history!” Touché, Clint. Touché.]

Mandi: I wanted to like Nick because he’s a jock from Washington state who reads at least three books a month — that hits me on every level. But I don’t know if America wants to hear how difficult it is to model. Though his signoff was cute.

Adam: I do appreciate that he “lust[s] for knowledge and wisdom.”

Mandi: Is he kind of graying? That also speaks to me.

Adam: I want to decide if I’m upset that he did his interview with a shirt. Or if I respect the fact that it drew attention to his arms.

Mandi: He was shirtless on the jet ski and with the blender, so I think he believes in using halfnakedness for impact.

Adam: Good point!

Mandi: They’re all big fans of the show, but I like that Rob came out and wrote this: “I grew up watching The Price Is Right with my family and loved it so much I’d even fake being sick to stay home from school to watch!” I was once late to meet someone for lunch in my dorm because I had to see if this woman named Beulah won the Showcase Showdown.

Adam: Yeah, Rob seems like the most non-plastic of the three. Also, I’m getting a real manly Tom Daley vibe from that face.

Mandi: You just evoked Tom Daley’s name to win me over.

Adam: I’m crafty, Mandi. I just like it when a guy can wear a tie and short-sleeves and pull it off. (I should mention that my previous sentence was not meant as a double entendre, but I don’t mind that it is.)

Mandi: Can we also discuss how they had them all model snowboards? Like, they practiced that.

Adam: YES. It clearly has been a blind spot in the all-female Price is Right modeling world up until now: No realistic snowboard demos. But can we circle back for a second to Nick real quick?

Mandi: Happy to.

Adam: I think of the three, he comes off as the one who is taking this the least seriously.

Mandi: Oh man, I was gonna pick him. Maybe he’s taking it as seriously as one should take it?

Adam: I hear you, but I’m leaning more to Bahston Rob. I’m really digging how enthusiastic he was with that Bob Barker poster around his chest, and then also just, you know, his chest.

Mandi: Though, Nick ends his bio with “Stay well and blessed” — I’m back to Rob.

Adam: So are we agreed?

Mandi: Wait, before we sign off on an official endorsement, rewatch Rob’s presentation. He’s not that good at the blender, for instance. Like, he’s not sure which fake fruit to pick up first. You can’t have that hesitation on live TV. And the tank top for the hot tub? No. And the karaoke performing is way too large.

Adam: But we’re at least agreed that Clint’s in third?

Mandi: Yes, Clint is third.

Adam: I mean, he didn’t even put the snowboard on.

Mandi: Perhaps we should let readers decide now that we’ve made our cases. But they don’t get to vote for Clint.

Adam: Yes, readers, decide for us, do you prefer Nick’s laid-back “cool nerd” vibe, or Rob’s slightly goofy Price is Right super-fan vibe? (And if you must vote for Clint, I suppose you can.)

Note: Mandi and I kept our judgments reserved solely to Clint, Nick, and Rob’s final individual videos. But if you’d like a sense of how these three guys made it this far, check out their final challenge in the five-episode The Price is Right Male Model Search webseries below:

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