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Updated October 02, 2012 at 04:17 AM EDT
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How I Met Your Mother

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After more than seven seasons, I’m surprised that How I Met Your Mother can still pull a fast one on me.

Tonight’s episode was packed with the general silliness that has become the show’s hallmark. Barney constructed the most ridiculous prenup known to man, there was talk of “honka-honka” (you don’t want to know), and there was a naked German.

Then, in the last two minutes of the episode, the silliness was put in perspective, a point was made, my heart strings were tugged, and the world seemed just a little sweeter.

Backing up…

This episode was all about Barney protecting the future of his relationship with Quinn. In Barney-land, this meant making sure she never got fat, remained hairless below the neck, and had breasts that increased in size every five years (or 50,000 honka-honkas). Yes, Barney was a fairy eyelash over the line between giant pig and humungous pig. And his insanity spread faster than you could say ghost toast.

As a result, all the couples began to bicker over seemingly small issues. Marshall was annoyed that Lily was too protective with Marvin. Nick was annoyed that Robin liked watching herself on TV while they had sex. And Victoria was annoyed by “Hero Ted.”

This all turned into a battle of the sexes until Barney’s lawyer brought peace to the situation (which was weird, considering he started all of this). Soon all was well with the gang — well, most of them.

After still failing to come to an agreement over prenups — and the confronting the larger issue of trust — Barney and Quinn decided to break it off. “It should be simpler than this, shouldn’t it?” Quinn asked. He agreed.

Later, he lamented to the boys. “I found out I’ll never trust anyone enough to get married, and that’s fine,” Barney told them. Only it wasn’t. Ted and Marshall knew that — you could tell in their expressions.

But having already seen Barney and Robin’s wedding day, we know that Barney eventually came around. And in case there was ever any doubt about how much trust he has in Robin, a flash forward to “a little ways down the road” made that clear.

Even when I’m slightly horrified by Barney, they always manage to reel me back in. Also, am I the only one hoping to see more of Klaus? I find people with no boundaries funny — when it’s happening to someone else, of course.

Tell me your thoughts on the episode.


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