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Updated October 02, 2012 at 09:13 PM EDT
Greg Gayne

The last time we checked in with Dr. Zoe Hart (Rachel Bilson), she was torn between George (Scott Porter) and Wade (Wilson Bethel), but Hart of Dixie exec producer Leila Gerstein promises the indecision won’t last long.

“We will pick up episode one with Zoe realizing that the choice is in front of her,” says Gerstein, about the second season premiere, which kicks off tonight at 8 p.m. EST on the CW. “The truth will come out to both gentleman and she will make her choice.”

Just don’t expect this “choice” to put an end to the tension between the trio. In fact, Gerstein says the triangle gets even more heated in season two.

“Now that George has laid his cards on the table and Wade and Zoe have actually had sex everything is much more heightened,” says Gerstein. “The triangle will get to play as actual real relationships and emotional stories…and there’s some sex.” Obviously.

Bilson, for her part, is looking forward to seeing where the triangle is headed. “It’s quite a pickle Zoe is in,” she says. “[But] I think it’s a sweet pickle because what girl doesn’t want two guys?”

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Bilson on Zoe’s suitors: “I think there’s a lot we haven’t seen about Wade. I think he has a good heart but it will be interesting to see if he’s capable of a relationship, while George obviously is like relationship guy and very loyal. It will be interesting to see them both sort of vie for Zoe’s affection. I’m not sure who’s going to win.”

Porter on how the love triangle will impact George and Wade’s friendship: “It’s going to be a fight — both physically and emotionally for the two of them.”

Gerstein on Zoe’s “choice”: “It’s not necessarily one of them. But I will say that at the end of episode one, one of the relationships will move forward.”

Porter on George’s evolution this season: “I think you’re going to see more of the George that we saw in New Orleans as opposed to the George that we saw with Lemon in town square. He’s going to be a little bit scruffier and a little bit more messed up. He’s going to spiral a little bit and he’s going to move out of his place and try and find his way. It’s going to be nice to play George from an underdog aspect.” (And if recent casting of Laura Bell Bundy is any indication, “scruffier” George will also likely be distracted by a new love interest!).

Gerstein on Lemon and George: Season two is going to be so much about [the two of them] redefining themselves and growing as people and realizing who George Tucker is without Lemon Breeland and who Lemon Breeland is without George Tucker.

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