Credit: Colleen Hayes

In the fifth season premiere of The Mentalist, the identity of Red John is still — unsurprisingly — left up in the air. In the episode, someone was murdered, and Patrick Jane (Simon Baker) and the CBI solve the crime, even though they are paired with the FBI. Tensions ran high between the two organizations because of the the season four finale — where the FBI botched the CBI’s under-cover investigation, allowing Red John to escape and resulting in the death of one CBI member. Not to mention — the FBI and CBI were fighting over the custody of Lorelei Martins (Emmanuelle Chiriqui), a Red John accomplice. But let’s ruminate over the identity of Red John for a minute. Who could it be?

Lorelei: In custody this episode, she’s the only one who supposedly “knows” Red John. What if she’s pretending to be the accomplice, and is actually the mastermind instead? (And either she pulled off the prisoner switcheroo at the end — or the FBI did it to piss the CBI off.)

Lisbon (Robin Tunney): As the one person who Jane trusts (and probably loves), Lisbon could be Red John, and able to keep tabs on Jane so she doesn’t get caught.

Patrick Jane: Wouldn’t that be the best ending for the series? (But it would have to be the end of the series).

Someone else: This seems the most likely.

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