Youtube user Moto2h has done what any enterprising fan would do in our digital age: replace the backing music from the Korean pop hit “Gangnam Style” with found sound that replicates the setting. But is it art? Of course that depends on what you consider art. But if Damien Hirst can convince the world a stuffed shark is worth millions of dollars, then this clever little video belongs in the Louvre.

In the reimagined version of “Gangnam Style,” we’re left with Psy, the world’s flavor of the split-second, rapping a cappella and doing his pony dance without the contextual benefit of throbbing synthesizers. So instead of being cheeky and fun, now it’s got the jarring hyper-realism of a Lars Von Trier flick.

Granted, any music video without the music would make the artist look insane. But in the spirit of relevance – “Gangnam Style” has approximately 13 kajillion likes on Youtube – it’s poking fun at what is truly a cultural phenomenon.

Check out the video after the jump, and be sure to let us know what you think in the comments.

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