By Lanford Beard
Updated September 30, 2012 at 08:21 PM EDT

Lindsay Lohan was assaulted at her New York hotel this morning, EW has confirmed. “While [Lohan] did sustain some injuries, she was not hospitalized,” said Lohan’s representative in a statement. “The assailant was arrested and is currently in police custody. Lindsay has spoken with police and is fully cooperating with the investigation.” UPDATE: The NYPD has confirmed to EW that the charges have been dropped, saying, “No one’s getting arrested, no has has to go to court, and that’s the end of it.”

Earlier today, the New York Daily News reported that California resident Christian LaBella attacked Lohan at New York’s W Union Square hotel. The actress and her promoter Claus Hjelmbak invited him back to the hotel from 1Oak nightclub, where they met earlier in the night. She reportedly discovered pictures he had taken of her and demanded he delete them. When she refused to return his phone, LaBella allegedly tossed her on the bed and scratched her.

Lohan and Hjelmbak fled the room but again encountered LaBella in a stairwell, where she claims he choked her and threw her on the floor. After Hjelmbak broke up the altercation, Lohan pulled the hotel’s fire alarm, trapping LaBella in the stairwell until he was apprehended by police and identified by Lohan.

After a recent visit to the hospital for asthma, Lohan declined to be treated for injuries, according to the News. Lohan’s mother told the paper, “She’s very shaken up. Thank God he didn’t have a weapon.”

LaBella was charged with misdemeanor and assault and harassment. Seemingly in response, Lohan tweeted early this morning, “Don’t be afraid to speak to someone about verbal, sexual, or any kind of physical abuse. It’s your life & you are in control of your destiny.”

Editor’s note: An earlier version of this story stated that LaBella was charged for the alleged assault.

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