By Hillary Busis
Updated September 28, 2012 at 06:04 PM EDT

Aaaaall yooouuu sucka emcees ain’t got nothin’ on Amy Poehler, who knows her way around Kevin Gnapoor’s Mathlete Rap.

A video featuring Poehler, EW cover star Tina Fey, and a young, fresh-faced Lindsay Lohan — moment of silence, please — goofing around on the set of Mean Girls has just hit YouTube. In it, Poehler tries her hardest to rock the mic like Kevin G — a years-early rehearsal for her Sarah Palin rap? — while Fey wishes aloud that she knew how to beat box. Lohan mainly stands around looking pretty. It’s a must-watch for any Mean Girls fan, meaning every single person who reads this website should take a look.

We’ve got so many burning questions! Who posted this video, and why was it just put on YouTube today? Who’s behind the camera — Mean Girls director Mark Waters? (UPDATE: As a commenter points out, this may be the work of Rajiv Surendra, who played Kevin in Mean Girls. Poehler says “yo Rajiv” at one point, implying that he filmed the video.) Is there more where this came from? Was Lizzy Caplan busy that night? Who’s the third member of Amy’s entourage? And can somebody please turn the audio into a ringtone, stat?

For comparison’s sake, here’s Surendra performing the rap in the movie:

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