Tina Fey picks five episodes fans should watch to prepare for ''30 Rock'''s final (sniff!) season

By Ray Rahman
September 28, 2012 at 12:00 PM EDT
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”Black Tie” Season 1


Team 30 Rock nicknamed this delightfully bizarre episode — which features a ”yo mama” joke-off, Pete’s tragicomic Elmo impression, and a visit from a grotesquely inbred Austrian prince played by Paul Reubens — ”Goodbye, America.” Fey suggests fans revisit the tone-setting classic before the final season, ”to be reminded that the show has always been nuts.”

”Rosemary’s Baby” Season 2



There are two reasons Fey says this ”might be the best episode we have”: guest star Carrie Fisher, and Jack Donaghy’s mind-blowing performance as Tracy’s ne’er-do-well dad, fed-up mom, and Spanish-speaking neighbor Mrs. Rodriguez in a therapy session designed to help Tracy sort out his problems with authority. (Said performance also earned Alec Baldwin his first Emmy.)

”Apollo Apollo” Season 3



What’s ”Lizzing,” you ask? It’s the combination of laughing and whizzing, a sensation known to anyone who’s seen this episode, which unearths Liz’s ’90s-era phone-sex ad (Jack laughs so hard watching it, he vomits) and reveals how Kenneth really sees the world. Watch it, says Fey, ”for the Muppets.”

”Verna” Season 4



The mysteries of Jenna’s honey-boo-boo childhood are revealed when her scamming trailer-trashy mother (Jan Hooks) comes to town. This episode ”will hopefully make you mad that Jane Krakowski doesn’t have an Emmy,” Fey says.

”Murphy Brown Lied to Us” Season 6



Liz’s ongoing career-versus-children conundrum comes to a head here as she and handsome live-in boyfriend Criss (James Marsden) finally have the big talk. And that talk will continue in the final season, says Fey: ”Get ready for more Liz Lemon baby drams.”


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