Credit: Ron Phillips

Fantastic Fest wrapped up last night in Austin, Texas, with Alamo Drafthouse founder Tim League dressed up as North Korean strongman Kim Jong-Il to introduce the world premiere of Red Dawn (in theaters, Nov. 21). The general vibe in the room was one of pleasant surprise, as expectations may have been low for the long-delayed, post-production Photoshopped remake of the 1984 American invasion classic. Quick plot refresher: Wolverines good! Russians bad! In the remake, which stars a pre-Thor Chris Hemsworth (who gives good Swayze) and Josh Hutcherson, North Koreans are the new bad guys.

Co-stars Adrianne Palicki (Friday Night Lights homegirl) and Josh Peck (Drake & Josh) were on hand for a Q&A after the film. When asked about his training regimen, Peck, who plays Hemsworth’s kid brother, described his grueling process: “It started in Hebrew school…” He then went on to explain how he and Hemsworth bonded in the gym. “Not only was he getting ready for Red Dawn and wanted to be in peak shape but then he had Thor coming soon after, so he was on such a regimen” said the 25-year-old actor. “And I was very new to the idea of a pushup and any sort of calisthenics so I think we bonded over body issues.” On working out with Navy Seals: “I was probably the only person ever to well up during a back squat.”

Peck also acknowledged that he and Hemsworth couldn’t look less like brothers. I love this guy.

After the movie League invited everyone to join him at the American Legion for a prison camp-themed closing night party where a free tattoo artist would be on hand. “Applying actual ink with needles,” he promised. “Prison tattoos are free at Fantastic Fest.” You don’t get that kind of action in Toronto, man.

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