By Annie Barrett
September 26, 2012 at 12:00 PM EDT
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Douglas Gorenstein/NBC

Fox continues to use minor tragedies and ambulances to shamelessly promote its musical reality competitions. Earlier this year, during American Idol auditions, we got our first auditions episode CLIFFHANGER when Symone Black fell off the stage during Hollywood Week. This time it’s 13-year-old YouTube sensation Trevor Moran, the little kid who danced around the Apple Store.

We didn’t see him do anything dramatic (his dance-along to “Call Me Maybe” with another contestant was painful, but presumably not trauma-inducing) — in fact, the last we saw of Trevor at the end of the episode, he was just lying peacefully with his head in his mama’s lap, waiting to sing. But suddenly — sirens! An ambulance! And a TO BE CONTINUED black screen. Looks like we’ll find out tomorrow night whether he lived or died.

So lame. You stay classy, Fox.

But Trevor’s lovin’ it, so maybe it’s fine.

Teens. What will we do with them? WHAT WILL THEY DO WITH US?

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