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Tonight’s season four premiere of Modern Family demonstrated exactly why the show has won three consecutive outstanding comedy Emmys. The episode, which picked up where last season left off with Gloria with child and Cam and Mitch without, was simple, yet heartfelt. The series may not be flashy, but is always poignant and laugh out loud funny.

In the season opener, Gloria struggles to break the news of her pregnancy to Jay on his 65th birthday, while Cam and Mitch try desperately to convince each other that they’re happy, despite not having adopted a son. Gloria reveals her secret to Manny, who eventually feels threatened, and Claire, who gloats that her step-mom is “going to get fat.” In the meantime, Claire “nurses” a hungover Haley who is unapologetic about drinking at her prom and allowing Dylan to sleep over, while Cam and Mitch try to adopt a kitten to appease Lily.

Jay’s quiet day is wrecked when Phil and Shorty kidnap him to take him fishing. But the trip ultimately makes Jay realize that he has more life left in him. Once Manny accidentally spills the beans about the baby and Gloria confirms that she’s indeed pregnant, Jay is overjoyed.

After the revelation, the show jumps a few months ahead in time. Gloria is now very pregnant and glowing, Phil is sporting a beard (but doesn’t look like Jon Hamm), Cam and Mitch have returned from a two-week trip to England and bought a kitty, Manny is back from summer camp, and Dylan is kicked out of the Dunphy household after an extended stay.

My favorite scene from the episode was definitely Cam and Mitch attempting to position an over-sized plush elephant and gorilla that Pepper gifted them on the roof of their car in a non-compromising manner. Let’s just say that they failed.

Here were the best lines from tonight’s episode:

Manny: “I’ve always fancied myself a sonneteer, but I have a feeling that the free verse girls will be freer with everything.”

Mitch: “We have to address the elephant in the room.”

Mitch: “You have a child-sized hole in your heart and your plan is to cram a kitten in there.”

Shorty: “You would look great. Sort of like a Jon Hamm in between projects.”

Cam: “It’s a French Canadian delicacy called poutine.”

Jay: “It looks like vomit so I’m not ‘poutine’ it in my mouth.”

Cam: “That cat would have been on the receiving end of affection 24 hours a day.”

Luke: “Sometimes I like throwing a grenade and walking away.”

Alex: “She’s being facetious. Sarcastic. Dylan no stay.”

Phil: “Don’t be disrespectful Luke. Anyone could do it with Gloria.”

Dylan: “Not so much of a friend, but a raccoon.”

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