By James Hibberd
Updated September 25, 2012 at 08:33 PM EDT

You’ve think you’ve seen every type of singing competition series? Not yet you haven’t! ABC has acquired a military singing reality show where current and former soldiers will show off their performance skills.

“What’s the title?” you ask. We tried to guess. Armed Forces Idol? American Soldiers’ Got Talent? The XO Factor?

Nope… it’s … Troupe Stars! (Like military “troops,” except “troupe,’ as in a performance group). Mock if you like but people once laughed at the idea of a little show called Dancing With the Stars and look how that turned out.

The project includes eight episodes and is from 5 Streams Global Entertainment. Though the U.S. military has agreed to allow military personnel to participate in the show, the government is not involved in the series. There’s no premiere date yet.

But we might have found a trailer online …