Lady Gaga was born this way – and now she's stepping up the acceptance with a new project, A Body Revolution.

The singer/activist has been in the news with lots of websites and tabloids making disparaging comments about her apparent weight gain.

As a response to that, Gaga has launched a new section of her Born This Way Foundation, and the site,, dealing specifically with body acceptance.

To kick things off, she posted a few photos of herself in just her bra and underwear (some above), with the captions "bulimia and anorexia since I was 15" "but today I join the body revolution" "to inspire bravery" "and breed some m$therf*cking compassion."

Above the photos, she writes:

She encourages her fans to join her, and, since the photos were posted this morning, people have done just that, with hundreds of comments of the pictures from fans sharing their own struggles with body acceptance. One read: "I'm so proud of you Gaga; I've had so many weight issues over the past few years. Crying in the bathroom at school, not eating and not wanting to look at myself in the mirror….Finally, I have a stronger voice in my head, one that can set an example." Fans are also uploading photos of themselves (some NSFW) sharing and claiming their own insecurities, from self-harm scars to acne to amputations, along with messages of support to others.

For her part, on twitter, Gaga has been directing people to the site all day, and has been tweeting messages of support to some fans who have posted their own photos as part of A Body Revolution 2013.

Taking a stand and pushing her nearly 30 million Twitter followers to feel better about themselves? That very genuinely makes me so happy I could die.

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