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Studies have shown that Hidden Gems of the Week,’s collection of reader-submitted ridiculata, is the best way to enjoy Dancing With the Stars without ever having to turn it on. It’s a visual feast of sparkles, fringe, and stunning awkwardness. Ready to go down the rabbit hole? Behold this bountiful smattering of Visible Gems!


“Pam’s eye roll/hair twirl when the camera focused on Bristol.” —gigi, endorsed by JAYBES, orville1970, AT, Ktbanks, Lorie, Fridgedancer, johoallen, daphne99, Wiltasaurus, Jem H

“Doesn’t the leg part of Kym’s full body fringe remind us ladies of what it looks like to take the sweat pants off after a long, cold winter?? :-)” —Christy Who Never Dances

“Joey Fatone’s F-note on his lapel” —iggy, endorsed by Fridgedancer

“Helio and Chelsea’s handshake before their dance was very reminiscent of the one young Lindsay Lohan did with her butler in The Parent Trap. Hip bumps ftw!” —Ktbanks

“Chelsie looks like one of those Barbie cakes you get at Target….” —gigi

“Bruno saying Helio wasn’t that great tonight, and Chelsie going “OHHH” like Mario when he jumps on a spiky turtle and dies…” —Mickey021496, endorsed by gigi, Wiltasaurus

“Emmitt giving Apolo the death stare in the celebriquarium when he was getting his scores.” —Liz, endorsed by gigi

Tony pinched Tom’s butt!” —Fridgedancer

“Melissa is wearing a bedazzled dog collar.” —DonnaW

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“Maks & Val flashed some kind of odd ballroom dancer gang signs behind Melissa & Tony after they got their scores, and I wondered what it was at the time, but now I think I actually figured it out… I think it was “MWD” – a Jimmy Connors ’01’ style dyslexic attempt at ‘DWM’ for Maks’ Dance With Me studio!” —Jem H

“I thought it looked like Maks and Val (or was it Drew?) were holding up a 0 and 6, which was Tony and Melissa’s number.” —AT

“Peta kinda looked possessed when looking into the mirror. It seemed like she was channeling Norma Desmond (Sunset Blvd) and Patrick Bateman (American Pyscho). Kinda eerie. Now if only that had been the theme of their foxtrot. She should try out for American Horror Story.” —Eloise

“Peta’s outfit and hair this week makes me think she is trying to get a role on Smash…LET ME BE YOUR STAR!!” —Mickey021496

“Wow, they actually managed to find a classy floor graphic for Gilles!” —E_neko

“I loved the cute little face Shawn made when they cut to her after Brooke talked to Gilles about losing to her in their season.” —Jem H

“Hidden Gem: The brain in Bristol’s butt.” —Liz

“I love how Bristol Palin’s son was covering his ears. Close, buddy. Covering the eyes would be more advantageous.” —Anthony

“Lil Lachey gets my vote for the cutest kiddie jumping in excitement in the audience! Soooo cute.” —iggy

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“Anna’s double-texting gesture after their scores were announced. Everybody, buy another phone and text your votes for Drew and Anna!!!” —kellen

“I think Kyle Massey was in a gum-smacking, comatose state while Tom was introducing Kelly Monoco. He was zoned out!” —Ktbanks, endorsed by Lorie, gigi, daphne99, Jem H

“Tony Geary and Nancy Lee Grahn in da house (AKA Luke and Alexis from General Hospital!)” —Liz, endorsed by johoallen, orvillle1970, gigi

“Guess Kirstie stole Maks’ chance to pinch Tom’s butt. And Maks did NOT look happy!” —DonnaW

“Maks’ sparkly pearl and black beaded bracelet. Only he can make that look masculine.” —Liz

“Tom showing his masterful Emmy winning hosting skills and going with the unexpected by being able to keep it together and coming up with the smoking gesture after Kirstie’s big crazy smooch.” —Jem H, endorsed by johoallen, iggy

Thank you, DANCMSTRs one and all, for this fabulous gem heap!


Fringe Fairy

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