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There’s a lot of risk involved in giving fans exactly what they want, especially when you’re talking about a romantic relationship. When shows built up the tensions between two characters, We’ve seen these things play out in both good and very, very bad ways. (Hello, Moonlighting.)

After watching tonight’s season premiere of Castle — our very first taste at how the show will deal with finally getting Castle and Beckett together in a romantic relationship — I’m confident in saying that this, so far, is a very, very good thing.As EW showed you earlier this week, the episode began with Castle and Beckett waking up in bed together. Castle was momentarily stunned by the gravity of the situation and when Beckett walked in, wearing only a white shirt, he smiled. “So it wasn’t a dream.” But after banter, the moment was broken by the arrival of Castle’s mom. More specifically, the moment was broken by Castle’s command for Beckett to hide.

Unsurprisingly, she wasn’t sure how to take that. But later the tables were turned. When Ryan came knocking at Beckett’s door, she was the one asking Castle to hide. It seems this relationship is theirs and theirs alone — at least for a bit. Esposito is quickly shaping up to be the first to find out, especially after he heard a little bit of their conversation while tied up together.

Yes, it wouldn’t be a Castle episode if someone wasn’t in danger and in this case, it was both Castle and Beckett in grave danger after they were tracked by hitman Cole Maddox, who, as we know, has already come close to taking one of their lives. Luckily, their pal Esposito had their back and was able to untie them before Maddox was able to do any damage. In fact, the damage was done to him; he was blown to bits after he was caught between some highly sensitive info and a booby trap.

Unfortunately, the info was blown to bits, as well, which left Castle, Beckett and Co. with a hell of a puzzle to put together. But their efforts led them right to Beckett’s mom’s killer — Jack Coleman’s Senator Bracken.

Personally, I never could have predicted how fast this case would progress in the premiere, but I’m glad it did. Like the pre-romantic tension, this was ready for a reboot, and that’s exactly what this storyline got.

When Beckett came face-to-face with Bracken — after he ordered a hit on Smith (RIP) — she laid it all out on the table. “I’m done being afraid — it’s your turn now,” she says. She tells him she has a copy of the file with all the info to convict him (he doesn’t know it’s actually teenie tiny pieces of paper) and agrees not to release it as long as he calls off his dogs.

At the end of the episode, Gates agrees to let Beckett back on the force — as long as she serves out the rest of her suspension. Luckily, Beckett has a new way to occupy her time until that happens. (Hello, crotch grab!)

So what did you think of the episode, gang? Did you predict the episode making so much progress in the case of Beckett’s mom’s murder? And, of course, the big question: Are you satisfied with how this relationship is playing out so far?

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