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Treme executive producer David Simon has long expressed his hopes that the New Orleans drama could run for four seasons — a proposition which seemed unlikely, given the show’s small audience and tiny cultural footprint. But Simon has a good history with longshot propositions, having coaxed five full seasons out of the apocalyptically-rated The Wire. Now he’s done it again: The New Orleans Times-Picayune reports that, at a screening of Treme‘s third season premiere, Simon announced that HBO had officially greenlit a shortened final season of the show. “We are going to be back for a season 3.5,” said the Simon. “[HBO] fought very hard to give us half a loaf. We’re going to take it and run.”

A representative for Simon tells EW that the precise length of the final season has yet to be determined, but it will be between four and six episodes long. (As for the subject matter, in a recent interview with EW, Simon hinted that the final season would carry Treme‘s chronology into the dawn of the 2008 Recession.) Students of HBO’s history can rejoice that a beloved TV auteur named David has been given the opportunity to complete a low-rated four-season saga, a karmic substitute for those Deadwood TV movies which sink further below the horizon with every passing year. Meanwhile, fans of good music can rejoice that we are now infinitely closer to a reunion tour of Antoine Batiste and His Soul Apostles.

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