Last year, Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman began to flesh out the backstory for the most notorious character from his comic books with a novel titled Rise of the Governor (co-written by Jay Bonansinga). Now, that prequel backstory continues with the duo’s follow-up book — The Walking Dead: The Road to Woodbury. In the story (which will be released in print, digital and audio versions on Oct. 16), a struggling survivor named Lilly Caul (also from the comics) stumbles upon a fortress of a town called Woodbury, Ga. It’s a town being run by a man called Philip Blake. Only Blake has recently begun to call himself something else entirely: the Governor. Tensions rise when Lilly takes on the man in charge.

With both the Governor and Woodbury playing a big part in season 3 of The Walking Dead TV adaptation, the new book offers a chance for fans to bone up on the mythology of both the man and the town. And you can get your first taste of the novel right here with an exclusive clip from the audio version narrated by Fred Berman and released by Macmillan audio. Click on the audio player below to get an advance sneak listen as Lilly senses impending danger creeping ever so closer. And for more Walking Dead news, follow me on Twitter @DaltonRoss.

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