Sam Rockwell is all crazy eyes and toothy grin in the upcoming comedic blood bath Seven Psychopaths, also starring Christopher Walken, Woody Harrelson, and Colin Farrell, but he still knows how to charm the ladies. Well, kind of.

Check out an exclusive clip from the movie below, which opens nationwide on Oct. 12. Rockwell, as dognapper-actor-loony killer Billy, tells his sexy gal pal, played by Olga Kurylenko, who’s also shacked up with a deranged mob boss (Harrelson), that he’s helped her out by stealing Harrelson’s prized pooch. The chat doesn’t go so well.

Kurylenko freaks out and tells Rockwell to return the dog. The pairing of Kurylenko and Rockwell is itself hilarious: She looks straight off the runway, with shiny long hair, killer cheekbones, and sporting short robe; Rockwell looks borderline wacky, his shirt unbuttoned, gleefully stuffing his face with Cheez-eeze chips.

Then he compares the poor dog – a cute white fluffy Shih Tzu – to New York socialite Patty Hearst, who was kidnapped in 1974 and joined her captors in robbing a bank.

“It’s a kidnapped dog. You don’t give back a kidnapped dog. It defeats the entire object of the kidnapping,” says Rockwell, while making chomping on chips. “They didn’t give Patty Hearst back, did they? This dog is my Patty Hearst. Except I’m not going to bag it, keep it in a closet, and make it rob a bank. No, I’m going to hold on to it, until a decent human being gives me a bunch of money.”

“But he’s a psychopath, Billy!” screams Kurylenko.

“Well, did you ever ask yourself what you’re doing scoring a psychopath in the first place?” asks Rockwell.

“Doing TWO psychopaths, is what the question is,” she shouts back.

“What? Who’s the second? Oh, who me?” he asks, pointing to himself.

Um. Yes.

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