September 24, 2012 at 08:33 PM EDT

Even in heat that caused people to pass out on the Emmy red carpet, we don’t think Chris Harrison would be light-headed enough to break Bachelor casting news there. But believes he did just that and confirmed rumors that Sean Lowe, the sensitive Texan Bachelorette Emily Maynard didn’t chose, has been picked. Watch the interview here. At around 1:20, Harrison is asked who he’d like to see as the next Bachelor and the interviewer suggests Sean before he gets to answer. “Well, a little known secret, he has been chosen. We are close to production. I don’t know if I can tell you,” Harrison says, “but let’s just say I think Sean would be a great guy. I really do. I think he’d be really good.”

It sounds to us like Harrison meant “he” as in the Bachelor — not Sean — has been chosen. A rep for ABC tells EW, “We are not confirming anyone right now. We haven’t started production yet.” Still, Harrison’s “let’s just say I think Sean would be a great guy” does sound like a solid hint. Then again, it could be a clever misdirect.

Are you hoping it is, in fact, Lowe? I’m torn: Wasn’t it Sean who told Emily he was uncomfortable leading on women that he doesn’t see a future with? Granted, women on The Bachelor would know what they signed up for, so he might feel less guilty, but that’s exactly what this show is about. It’d be good TV, of course, seeing how Sean would play the field with his knowledge that women fall for him hard, quickly, and his faith. But it’s a gamble: We like Sean now. Will the show change that? All it took was one little skinny-dipping adventure with Courtney to sour some of us on Ben Flajnik.

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