By Erin Strecker
September 24, 2012 at 12:00 PM EDT
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Following up the sweeter How I Met Your Mother and preceding the raunchier 2 Broke Girls, Partners feels right at home on CBS Mondays, but feels a little less at home in 2012.

Watching the show, (SPOILER ALERT!) created by the Will & Grace team and starring Michael Urie, David Krumholtz, Sophia Bush, and Brandon Routh, I was struck by the ‘90-ish feel of the program – much like with Guys With Kids. To me, it felt like an early episode of Will & Grace where everything is dialed up to 12 and a bit overblown. Many things about the show — even the basic gay guy/straight guy BFF-dom — seems wannabee edgy and from a recent but not quite current era.

The show revolved around lifelong best friends Louis (Urie) and Joe (Krumholtz). When Joe decides that he wants to propose to his girlfriend (Bush) the duo’s BFF status is threatened. When drama-loving Louis gets involved, there are all sorts of hijinks, prompting Joe to call off the friendship.

By the end of the episode, it’s clear that Louis and Joe are going to stay BFFs, and their significant others are going to have to deal with the fact that there will always be someone else involved. As the tagline says, “Four friends. Three couples.” It’s an interesting concept for a show – everyone knows that friendships change as you get older and, in particular, when you’re in serious romantic relationships. It’s definitely fertile ground for a sitcom. I’m cautiously optimistic.

Lines that made me laugh:

-Urie was totally my favorite. His delivery of the explanation of why he refers to his boyfriend as a doctor versus nurse (It’s easier to say!) had me giggling. “Ehh…They’re going to promote him to Jewish doctor any day now.” -Louis

-“You only go with your gut. That’s why you have a tattoo of Clay Aiken on your a**.” -Joe

-“I told enough people that I set you two up, soooo when legend becomes fact print the legend.” -Louis

-“Heart on.” I shouldn’t have laughed, but I totally did.

-“Wrong number!”

What did you all think? Will you make Partners part of your Monday night lineup?

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