Just putting this on your radar in case it’s not already: It’s worth checking out tonight’s season premiere of Hawaii Five-0. It’s got a crazy energy to its pacing, it’s got Christine Lahti as Alex O’Loughlin’s mother, and it’s got a day-time street shoot-out that marshals more ammunition than any such scene this side of Michael Mann’s Heat.

Not that I’m saying this CBS hour is even in the same state as Mann’s masterpiece. But as someone who basically checked out of this show after its first season, I must say I am impressed with the way Hawaii Five-0 has turned its Wo Fat into a kind of super-villain worthy of a Grant Morrison Batman comic book, and with the way the series dispatches a regular character early in the proceedings. This is not the usual CBS procedural way of doing things.

All this, plus Billy Baldwin as the demented villain he seems all too capable of portraying all too well.

I was pleasantly surprised. Anyone looking forward to this show tonight?

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