By Nakisha Williams
September 24, 2012 at 12:00 PM EDT

The devil’s in the details when it comes to award seasons style — especailly now that viewers are watching in HD — but who knew that in the frenzy of gowns, shoes, hair and accessories, nails would steal the spotlight on Sunday’s Emmys red carpet?

After rolling out the Glam Cam 360 and the Stiletto Cam during awards seasons past, E! upped the ante on their total body red carpet coverage with the debut of the Mani Cam. Designed to offer an extreme close-up of actresses’ nail polish looks, the high-tech diorama included a mini red carpet and E!-branded step and repeat.

Reps for the network say the idea came to producers who took notice of the current nail art trend in Hollywood, specifically the tiny tuxedos Zooey Deschanel painted on her nails for the 2012 Golden Globes. Indeed, the New Girl helped christen the inaugural run of the Mani Cam when she showed off her latest themed manicure, little television sets created by L’Oréal nail artist Tom Bachik.

Watching Giulana Rancic instruct Deschanel, Kerry Washington and Kat Dennings to walk their fingers through “like a runway” made for some awkward moments as they found themselves at a loss about the proper hand modeling techniques, but how else would we have known that Emmy winner Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ dress-matching enamel was Essie’s Berry Hard?

E! says the Mani Cam is here to stay, and that they’re also plotting even more ways to outdo themselves as awards season builds up to the Oscars. What’s next, an airport-style full body scanner?

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