Credit: Glow Images

Fox is moving forward with a controversial new reality series where companies must decide whether to fire an employee.

The network is finalizing a deal for four episodes of Does Someone Have To Go? In each hour, a “dysfunctional” company will task employees with deciding whether to dismiss one of their own.

If this title sounds vaguely familiar, that’s because news of an earlier version of this idea surfaced a few years ago. In 2009, Fox announced development on Someone’s Gotta Go, which planned to focus on economically challenged companies that needed to cut staff. An employee was to be fired in every episode. Though Fox billed the project as “Survivor meets The Office,” the idea received some criticism in the media, with one writer calling it “another bold step toward live televised executions.” Fox filmed a pilot, but the show never made it to air.

Now, Fox confirms the project has been revived and is on the cusp of a series order, only with a tweaked title and less brutal format (the decision whether to fire the company’s perceived weakest link is optional, and the businesses are merely “dysfunctional” rather than economically suffering). The concept polishing won’t likely matter to some viewers who will still object to the idea of an entertainment program where regular people have to pack their desks and go.

For now, Fox is keeping quiet on what sort of challenges will drive the action during each episode, and there’s no set premiere date. If successful, we can only imagine Fox’s spinoff: So You Think You Can Find Another Job.