By Tanner Stransky
September 22, 2012 at 04:00 AM EDT
Carol Rosegg

The Exonerated


Ten years after its debut, The Exonerated — an Off Broadway production featuring a rotating cast reading accounts by of former death row inmates — returns to New York City for a well-deserved anniversary engagement. The production remains exactly the same and, because of the chilling injustices the subjects endured before DNA evidence erased their convictions, the stripped-down play still packs a huge emotional wallop.

The Exonerated does, however, feel slightly dated, mostly because the idea of DNA evidence no longer seems as cutting edge. But the show’s frozen-in-time quality is really of no particular hindrance. All in all, the production isn’t splashy — and shouldn’t be — but it’s elevated mostly by the great performances from the likes of Stockard Channing, Brian Dennehy, Brooke Shields, Lyle Lovett, and even exonoree Sunny Jacobs herself, who all take turns in the show through its run. B

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The Exonerated

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